Recruitment, Skills & Training

RiDO offer an HR consultancy service to help companies based in Rotherham or those considering locating into the area.

This service helps you make informed decisions and minimise costs associated with developing your business.  And it’s Free. 

Our HR Business Consultant can provide a single point of access in relation to your HR related needs through a brokerage service based on established local networks.

The service is tailored to your specific needs and can include:
  • Pre-recruitment – research on salary rates, skills availability and analysis of your recruitment needs.
  • Recruitment – advertising options, links to pre-employment training, commercial organisations, community groups and other partners.
  • Training & Development – analysis of your training needs, access to training funding and sourcing local and national training providers.
  • Aftercare – retention strategies, on-going recruitment, succession planning and links to local initiatives.
  • Redundancy Support – support for redundant employees – linking them to organisations that help them with CVs, retraining and self-employment, and with companies that are recruiting.