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posted 3 Dec 2014, 01:04 by RiDO Rotherham
A Rotherham-based manufacturer has been awarded £800,000 from a government fund to develop
batteries which will store renewable energy for use by the electricity grid at times of high

The managing director of Cumulus said the grant was accelerating the company's development 
programme and felt "like being on a surf board riding the crest of a wave.”

"Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd is developing a copper/zinc grid-scale energy storage battery 
that will enable more renewable energy to be supplied to the grid," said Nick Kitchin.

"The DECC grant is enabling us to build a grid-connected commercial-scale operational prototype
that will demonstrate the functionality of the end product prior to industrialising the 
manufacture in the UK."

Cumulus is one of 19 projects that have been awarded a share of £9m through the third phase 
of the Energy Entrepreneurs' Fund (EEF), which helps small and medium sized businesses to bring
low carbon products to market.

Half of the new money in the latest round will be prioritised for carbon capture and storage,
the process of capturing CO2 from power stations and industrial facilities, and storing the 
CO2 offshore, under the sea bed.

Energy minister Amber Rudd said: "It is fantastic to see a local business in Rotherham benefit
from the funding and I hope more will apply for the latest round. Storing renewable energy so
 it can be used when it's needed rather than when it's produced is a major breakthrough."

Businesses can also now apply for an extra £5m of funding with the launch of the fourth round
of the EEF.